Mid Term Conference

Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission Guidelines

Last date for abstract submission for Free Papers, Challenging E-Posters, Challenging Podium E-Videos and Interesting Cases : 1st March, 2021

All abstracts must be submitted via the online abstract submission system.

Submissions are invited in the following categories


1.        Free Papers on subspecialty

2.        Challenging E-Posters

3.        Challenging Podium E-Video

4.        Challenging Interesting Cases


Authors - First (Presenting) Author for Free Papers on subspecialty/Challenging E-Posters / Challenging Podium E-Videos / Interesting Cases


The first author will be the presenting author. The First (Presenting) author has to register & DOS Member and pay the full registration fee, attend the Congress and make the presentation. Failure of the presenting author to register for the conference will result in exclusion of the presentation from the conference presentations.


Original certificate of presentation will be awarded to the presenting author and co-author as well.


Please provide an accurate email address of the First (Presenting) author, and all co-authors.

Abstract submission results and abstract-related correspondence will be sent by email to the First author/presenting author.


A maximum of FOUR co-authors are allowed for each abstract. Type in the names and affiliations as you would like them to appear in any publication. Please give the names in full for each of the co-authors. Initials are only accepted for middle names if any.


Abstract Title

Abstract title must be concise. Avoid using abbreviations in the title. Abstract Content (excluding Title, Authors, Highest Degrees and Institutions) should include the following headings: Purpose, Methods, Results, Conclusions, and Financial Disclosures. The abstract must not exceed 300 words. Do not include graphs, tables, images and references in the abstract. Do not mention in the abstract the names of any affiliated institutes, academic institutions, hospitals, eye centers, etc. or names of any individuals involved in the study.


Please recheck your abstracts before submission, as improper abstract formats will warrant an outright rejection.

Define each abbreviation the first time it is used in the abstract by placing what it stands for in parentheses. It is the author's responsibility to submit an abstract with correct spelling and grammar. The Selection Committee, however, reserves the right to edit the abstract if it has significant spelling and grammatical mistakes.


All submissions (Free papers /Posters & E-Videos) are to be made under the following categories:


1.        Allied Ophthalmic Sciences

2.        Cataract

3.        Cornea & Ocular Surface

4.        Glaucoma

5.        Ocular Oncology

6.        Oculoplasty

7.        Optometry

8.        Pediatric Ophthalmology

9.        Retina

10.     Strabismus & Neuro-Ophthalmology

11.     Community Ophthalmology

12.     Refractive Surgery

13.     Uvea

14.     Miscellaneous


Free Paper on subspecialty

1.       All abstracts should be accompanied by full text along with the illustrations and photographs.

2.      Place abbreviations in parentheses after the full word, when it appears for the first time. Write the title in Capitals. Format of Abstracts must be structured under following headings – Purpose, Methods, Results and Conclusion. Abstract not to exceed 300 words.

3.   Each PRESENTING AUTHOR can submit only 1 each of Free Papers/Challenging E-Posters/ Challenging Podium Videos / Interesting Cases.

4.    Not more than 4 Co-Authors are allowed in a Free Papers/Challenging E-Posters/ Challenging Podium Videos / Challenging on Interesting Cases.

5.     Free Paper presentation should be in Power Point for 6 mins only and discussion time of 2 mins.

6.   All Video presentation Free Papers/Challenging E-Posters/ Challenging Podium Videos / Interesting Cases certificates and awards will be given to the presenting Author only and Co-Authors as well.

7.    No change in presenting author is allowed during Free Papers/Challenging E-Posters/ Challenging Podium Videos / Interesting Cases.

8.       Institution / Hospital affiliation and doctor's name in the title or abstract should not be mentioned and will lead to automatic rejection.


Electronic-Posters (Challenging E-Posters)

1.   An E-Poster is an electronic version of the traditional boards, and is displayed on monitor screens using Power Point slides. E-Poster may include text, figures, tables and images and NO video/animations.

2.   E-Poster Co-authors are individuals whose names will appear in the printed programme and on the onsite presentations.

For E-Posters Presentation

1.        E-Posters should consist of a maximum of 8 Microsoft Power Point slides, including the title slide.

2.        Use Time New Roman or Arial fonts.

3.        Use the first slide to show the title of the E-Poster and the author's information.

4.        Font should be no smaller than 18 points.

5.        Pictures and graphics should be of good quality.

6.        Text should not be obscured by images.

7.        Do not fit too much information on one slide.

8.        Correct spelling and punctuation makes your poster more attractive and informative.

9.        E-Posters should contain no video clips/animation files.

10.     The file should be not more than 5 MB (more than this size, it will be rejected automatically).

11.     Some of the e-posters will be shortlisted as poster podium presentation.


Video Submissions

All videos should be in MPEG-1 format and within 8 minutes accompanied by voice over describing the presentation. Videos will be evaluated based on their scientific merits, educational values, originality, quality, conciseness audio-visual effects, editing skills, etc.

Video submission has to be through we transfer at email Id conferences@dosonline.org should reach the Conference Secretariat by March 05, 2021, 5:00 PM. Failure to receive the video copies on time will result in exclusion of the video submission.


No change in Abstract Content is possible After Completion of Abstract Submission.

Successfully submitted abstracts will be acknowledged with an electronic receipt including an abstract reference number, which should be quoted in all future correspondence. If you do not receive the acknowledgement within 24 hours upon submission, please contact the Conference Secretariat by email at (conferences@dosonline.org).


The Selection Committee strongly recommends the authors to submit their abstracts as early as possible in order to avoid congestion in the last-minute. Late submissions will not be considered. Submitted abstracts would be peer-reviewed by the Selection Committee. The review process is confidential and the decision and in case of any dispute, the decision of the President / General Secretary is final.


Points to Note

1.  Each presenting AUTHOR can submit only a maximum of one poster and one video entries. Each submission is accepted on the basis that the presenting author has obtained consent for submission & presentation from all co-authors. DOS will not be responsible for any dispute regarding the same.

2.  All Free Papers/Challenging E-Posters/ Challenging Podium Videos / Challenging Interesting Cases participation certificates will be given to the presenting author and co-authors.

3.     If the presenting author is not a DOS member, the presentation will not be considered for evaluation.

The Delhi Ophthalmological Society reserves the right to record and reproduce the materials presented in the conference in any form for distribution/DOS website display.

Checklist (Before submission, please check if:)

1.    The abstract has a concise, descriptive title.

2.     The study has sufficient data leading to conclusive outcomes.

3.    The names of any affiliated institutes, academic institutions, hospitals, eye centers, individuals involved in the study are removed.

4.     The abstract states clearly the purpose, methods, results, findings and conclusions of the study.

5.     The study is conducted in a methodologically correct way.

6.     The abstract is proof read and/or edited to correct grammatical and typographic errors.

7.     The abstract is within the word limit.

8.     Financial disclosures for each of the authors are made.

Abstract Submission for Interesting Cases

1.     The presentation Time is 6 mins and discussion time is 2 mins.

2.    All Free Paper / E-Poster / E-Video / Interesting Case certificates and awards will be given to the presenting Author Only. Original certificate of presentation will be awarded to the presenting author only.

3.  The First (Presenting) author is required to register and pay the full registration fee, to attend the Conference and make the presentation.

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