DOS General Secretaries

Dr. Subhash Dadeya


Dr. M. Vanathi


Dr. Rajesh Sinha


Dr. Rohit Saxena


Dr. Amit Khosla


Dr. Namrata Sharma


Dr. Harbansh Lal


Dr. Jeewan S. Titiyal


Dr. Harsh Kumar


Dr. Dinesh Talwar


Dr. Lalit Verma


Dr. Atul Kumar


Dr. Mahipal Sachdev


Dr. B. Ghosh


Dr. R.V. Azad


Dr. Arun Sangal


Dr. K.P.S. Malik


Dr. P.C. Bhatia


Dr. D.K. Mehta


Dr. R. Kalsi


Dr. H.K. Tewari


Dr. G. Mukherjee


Dr. S.K. Angra


Dr. Pratap Narain


Dr. A.C. Chadha


Dr. S.C. Sabharwal


Dr. J.C. Bhutani


Dr. Madan Mohan


Dr. S.R.K. Malik


Dr. R.S. Garkal


Dr. Hari Mohan


The 71st Annual Conference of DOS which was scheduled on 3rd to 5th April, 2020, has been postponed due to the COVID-19. We are postponing the 71st Annual DOS Conference as per now for a later date. The registration of the delegates will remain valid for the postponed event.