DOS Presidents

Dr. Rishi Mohan


Dr. Cyrus Shroff


Dr. Rajendra Khanna


Dr. Jeewan S. Titiyal


Dr. Harbansh Lal


Dr. B.P. Guliani


Dr. P.V. Chadha


Dr. Sharad Lakhotia


Dr. S. Bharti


Dr. Lalit Verma


Dr. Mahipal S. Sachdev


Dr. Noshir M. Shroff


Dr. Gurbax Singh


Dr. J.C. Das


Dr. A.K. Grover


Dr. Satinder Sabharwal


Dr. B. Pattnaik


Dr. R.V. Azad


Dr. G.Mukherjee


Dr. R.B. Jain


Dr. K.P.S. Malik


Dr. Y. Dayal


Dr. D.K. Mehta


Dr. S.K. Angra


Dr. L.D. Sota


Dr. L.D. Sota


Dr. P.K. Jain


Dr. N.N. Sood


Dr. M.S. Boparai


Dr. A.C. Chadha


Dr. A.K. Gupta


Dr. K. Lall


Dr. P.K. Khosla


Dr. D.K. Sen


Dr. Prem Prakash


Dr. Mathew M. Krishna


Dr. N.L. Bajaj


Dr. R.N. Sabharwal


Dr. B.N. Khanna


Dr. (Brig.) R.C. Sharma


Dr. Pratap Narain


Dr. Madan Mohan


Dr. N.C. Singhal


Dr. Satish Sabharwal


Dr. Tejpal Saini


Dr. S.R.K. Malik


Dr. J.C. Bhutani


Dr. R.S. Garkal


Dr. Hari Mohan


Dr. H.S. Trehan


Dr. S.N. Kaul


Dr. R.C. Aggarwal


Dr. D.C. Bhutani


Dr. L.P. Agarwal


Dr. Tej Pal Saini


Dr. H.S. Trehan


Dr. S.N. Mitter


Tomography meets Biomechanics and you benefit, 8th December, 2019, 10.00 am to 1.30 pm, Tamarind Hall, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi
Announces the launch of Online manuscripts submission and review system, one stop solution to submitting your articles to DOS Times. To submit your manuscripts, please visit
This is to inform you that the writ petitions filed by DOS regarding TPA and cashless facility was heard in the Hon'ble High Court of Delhi on 24th Oct 2019. The next date of hearing is listed on 24th Dec 2019. The stay order will continue.
DOS Monthly Meeting Dr.R.P. Centre for Ophthalmic Sciences 12th January, 2020