Experts comments

S. No. Name of Journals Acceptance Received
1. Cornea
Dr. Ashu Agarwal
Dr. Shikha Jain
2. Current Opinion in ophthalmology
Current Opinion in ophthalmology
Dr. Rajat Jain
Dr. Manisha Acharya
3. International Ophthalmology Clinics
International Ophthalmology Clinics
Dr. Bhavna Chawla
Dr. Jatinder Bali
4. Journal of Glaucoma
Journal of Glaucoma
Dr. Vineet Sehgal
Dr. Suneeta Dubey
5. Retina
Dr. Rahul Mayor
Dr. Abhishek Dagar
6. RETINAL Cases & Brief Reports
RETINAL Cases & Brief Reports
Dr. Deepa Sharma
Dr. Anshul Goyal
Comments - Corrnea Journal Dr. Ashu Agarwal
Comments - International Ophthalmology Clinics Dr. Bhavna
Comments - Journal of Glaucoma Dr. Vineet Sehgal
Comments - Retina Journal Dr. Rahul Mayor
Comments - RETINAL Cases & Brief Reports Journal - Dr. Deepa Sharma
Comments- International Ophthalmology Clinics Journal - Dr. Bhavna Chawla
Comments- Journal of Glaucoma Journal - Dr. Vineet Sehgal
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