Library Officer

Dr. Manav Deep Singh

Library Officer, Delhi Ophthalmological Society

Dear DOS Members

Greeting From Library!

Following are the details of the information regarding DOS Library Services. DOS online Library Service now offers 20 eBooks in addition to journals.

To access, you need to click on DOS Library icon.

This has 5 drop outs viz.

  1. Library officer: Open this to know details.
  2. Expert Comments: This gives Comments of DOS experts on original articles of 5 journals of previous months.
  3. E-Journals: Gives table of contents of journals of latest and previous months.
  4. E-Books: Gives Table of 20 Ovid Books
  5. Academic Material: This Academic Material has been provided by courtesy of Dr. Hanspal Singh Bhinder has 83 Journals, Books, Videos and guidelines. These can be accessed directly from this drop out.

To access (4 & 5) you need to select article/chapter and send your request to and the same will be sent to you within 2 working days.

In case of any problem or if your requisite journal is not available, still do not hesitate to communicate with me on The Library shall try to help you out.

Thank you for using the DOS Library Service

Dr. Manav Deep Singh

Library Officer, Delhi Ophthalmological Society

Email :

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