Prof Kamlesh

Dear Dr. Rishi Mohan our outgoing President, all honourable Ex-presidents, outgoing Secretary Dr M Vanathi, entire executive members, Dr. SudarshanKhokhar Vice President, Incoming Secretary and the new executive members, my respected senior colleagues, friends, ladies and gentlemen
  Good Evening to all of you
First of all, I would like to thank you for the confidence that you have shown in me by electing me as the Vice President last year which subsequently turned into becoming incoming President of Delhi Ophthalmological Society by convention this evening for the year 2017-18. I assure you that I will do my very best to justify the trust and faith that you have bestowed upon me and will try to further strengthen the DOS – our justifiable proud society which has the fame of being the largest State Ophthalmic body in the world having more than 8500 life members today and many more in the coming years.

  You have just heard about the activities of the society, the important achievements of our members and various other milestones of the previous year which make us proud. Dear friends the respectable name and fame, acquired by our society today is due to its high scientific and academic standards which is the results of my predecessors by their dynamism and persistent hard work. Therefore we should not rest on our laurels but continue to strive hard as a dynamic process to maintain its glory and progress further. I believe that even if it seems that a society has reached its zenith, there is always scope for further improvement or refinements in one or other existing fields.
Let me take today’s opportunity to acknowledge the initiatives & tremendous hard worked put in by our predecessors. Indeed they are an inspiration as well as a challenge for us to continue doing the great work that they began, I am certain that with their valuable guidance, this team that we have today, will be able to take DOS to further heights !
  The areas of focus for the society in the coming year for me would me :
  As I take over the reins of the Society in much humility, I realize that, though much has been done, there is so much more that can be done and so little time to do it. I intend to place before you my vision and outline a plan of action as a roadmap for the year and beyond, if necessary.
  1. Academic and research promotion to YOUNGSTERS, as they are our future leader and ophthalmic clinicians : I believe in the power of youth, and such help will enhance their involvement in the activities of DOS as well as their own career building. 

    My aim is to provide :

    a.      To explore the possibilities to provide unlimited online CME Material & adequate no. of online Journals for members to promote academic and research works


    I firmly believe that to keep up with speed of electronic revolution, DOS must launch online resource materials intensively which will offer discussion groups, archives, videos, articles, podcasting and industry supported information as well for the benefit of our honourable members


    b.      Travel Training fellowship (Phaco and speciality oriented) for youngsters

    c.      Speciality oriented Monthly Meetings followed by Wet labs/ Hands on training for youngsters or those who need it.

    d.      Nominal Registration charges for more and more participation in midterm or annual meet

    e.      DOS – Refocused with Practice oriented courses, Career counselling& guidance

    f.       Increase in number of travel grant for attending national and international conference for young members

  2. DOS supported single window clinical platform to solve diagnosis & management dilemma in difficult cases
  3. To maintain Transparency: I will ensure utmost transparency in all the activities of DOS. All financial transactions will be made transparent and will be scrutinized by an internal committee which can pick up any irregularities in the same if any.
  4. Family get-together functions for Delhi DOS members: I’ll organize get-together and recreational activities for DOS members and their families with get-together Dinner at eve of Annual conference as it was practiced earlier.
  5. Legal Cell for members: Legal cell is the need of hour and I intend to start the same so that unnecessary harassment of genuine members is addressed.
  6. Constitutional amendments : Necessary constitutional amendments in the larger interest of the members will be carried out especially in context to recent development of permission granted to Ayurvedic eye specialists to perform cataract and other ocular surgeries.
  7. DOS House: now it is high time to have our DOS office as DOS house especially centrally located during my tenure as President.
  8. One window Solution/Guidance to DOS members for registration to nursing home as well as pertaining to all our professional problems with a solution and guidance
  9. Committee for TPA problems to solve inequality and unjust approach of insurance companies with help of AIOS DMA, IMA and other, Active Support and guidance will be sought from all senior and experienced ophthalmologists for this common concern.
  10. Combating Amblyopia(Amblyopia free Delhi): it can be done by demanding from the government that the Vision Certificate should be made mandatory at the entry level of school (like Vaccination certificate), giving us a 100% chance to examine each and every child for early diagnosis and complete cure from the DOS – Government combined platform.
  11. Growing Assaults on Doctors (under prevention of Violence and Damage to Property) Act 2012-this issue need to be discussed and take up with other organisations i.e.: IMA, DMA etc.
    I would like to inform you about the I-DOS, which is being planned this time in Dubai, and is going to be great in every aspect. The details will be available very shortly on our website and with the office.
  Dear friends these are some, but not the only concerns for which I am here to serve you to the best of my capabilities with the support of my new executive team in which I have full faith. I am sure for fulfilling my endeavor; I will get your support, sincere advice and blessings. Friends, “There is no I in EYE” we are a team and together will continue to advance ophthalmic activity, improve eye care for our patients, and work towards the noble goal of making treatable blindness a thing of the past
  Finally, I would like to extend my thanks to all my friends, well-wishers, my senior colleagues for all the help and all my family members for this love and selfless support.
  I need your moral support and blessings for this endeavours.

God bless you, GOD bless DOS to live long, Jai Hind!
  Prof. Kamlesh
President, Delhi Ophthalmological Society
Director, Guru Nanak Eye Centre, MA Medical College, New Delhi
Mobile : +91-9811240575