Presidential Address

Dr. Pawan Goyal

President, Delhi Ophthalmological Society


Today, let  us take a pledge to make positive changes in ourselves and dedicate ourselves to the cause of society

Respected Dr. Subhash Dadeya, the outgoing President, honorable past presidents, outgoing Secretary Dr. Namrata Sharma, members of outgoing executive body, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Vice President, incoming Secretary and the members of new executive body, my respected senior colleagues, friends, ladies and gentlemen!.

A very Good Evening to you all!

At the outset, I would like to thank you for the confidence that you bestowed in me by unanimously electing me as the Vice President in 2021 which has given me the opportunity to become The President of this highly respected scientific body i.e. Delhi Ophthalmological Society for the year 2021-22. President is the custodian of constitution. First of all, I assure you that I shall try my level best to uphold the letter and spirit of constitution under all circumstances. It will be my endeavor to treat all members equally, be fair and without prejudice or malice towards anyone and is the larger interest of the society. My first aim will be to maintain harmony and brotherhood among the members of the society which is the most important principle laid down in the constitution.

DOS is not only known for being the largest state society of the world, but also commands high level of respect for its rich scientific heritage. You have just heard about the achievements of the society and its members from the outgoing President, secretary and other office bearers. Although the scientific benchmark created by predecessors is difficult to meet, I believe, there is always a scope for further improvement. I assure you that I shall leave no cornerstone unturned to take it to further heights with the support of it’s esteemed members, dedicated executive team, guidance of seniors and a larger number of scientists and researchers who belong to this society. Once again, permit me to take today’s opportunity to acknowledge the initiatives & hard work of my predecessors and bow my head in their respect. Indeed they are an inspiration as well as a challenge for us to continue doing great work that they began. Although, I remain open to all new ideas that are presented to me, my focus will be on the following programs:

  1. Inclusion of all:
  2. The society has lots of hidden talent, not only in science and research but also in other fields of life. My endeavor will be to explore this and bring the shy ones to the mainstream of society.

  3. Youth are our energy and biggest asset:
  4. DOS is not only largest society but also a fast growing society. Therefore, it has a large quantum of young blood who are energetic, scientifically oriented and better trained in research and technology compared to our generation. I welcome then all to participate and contribute in the activities of society and enjoy a leadership role.

  5. Research is the backbone of any scientific body:
  6. To promote research and in an effort include non-institutional members an effort was made by the previous executive, by the special efforts of Dr. Jitender Bali & Dr. Manav Deep Singh, to start an independent ethical committee of DOS for approval of research projects of its members. I shall request the incoming secretary and to executive body take it further and give it a practical shape.

  7. Teaching & Training
  8. In some of the institutions, formal teaching and training activities remained at the back stage during the last 2 years. The pandemic still continues. Furthermore, some institution have only 1-2 PG seats and it is practically very difficult to hold sufficient classes for them. Not only this, some of our students do not get enough hands on training. If we go further, some of the concepts and surgical techniques used by our senior members get outdated over passage of time. Therefore, I wish to start a structured PG teaching program, according to the NMC syllabus. In addition to this, I propose making a surgical simulator available to members of DOS at a nominal fee. This will not only be useful for junior members who could not get hands on training during Covid-19 times but will also be useful for our senior members who wish to upgrade their skills , an important example being surgery for nucleus drop.

  9. DOS House:
  10. DOS house has already been purchased. Now is the time to utilize it in the most efficient manner. I am sure, our incoming secretary, with his vast administrative skills, do that most efficiently.

  11. Group insurance:
  12. Group health insurance has been hot topic of discussion during current elections. I shall provide all my support to the executive is this regard.

  13. To address problems of members:
  14. I fully understand that different groups of ophthalmologists have different professional issues. Problems of seniors and juniors are different; problem of government doctors, private group practitioners, private institutions and solo practitioners are different. I shall be highly approachable to each group. I shall request them to guide me in making various sub-committees at the earliest so that their issues can be addressed effectively in my tenure.

  15. Pending Issues:
  16. I am thankful for the outgoing president, secretary and the executive body for having resolved a large number of long time pending issues like Day Care, DOS house and income tax related problems. However, certain issues are still pending like TPA and need to be taken up with new energy. I shall try to address each one of issues to the best of my capability. Dr. Subhash Dadeya, Dr. C P Khandelwal and Dr. Jatinder Bali played pivotal role in approaching various authorities in regard to these issues. I am sure, they will continue to get involved in solving these issues and give benefit of their experience in the larger interest of society and its members.

Dear Friends,
I feel fortunate to have a team the members of who are known not only for their administrative skills and experience but also for their high ethical and moral values. I shall ensure that the team works full transparency and brings in practical results in the larger interest of society and without compromising the interest of its individual members.

At the end, I thank from the bottom of my heart, to all those who have contributed in the upliftment of the society and also those who have helped me in achieving this highest office of this esteemed society. I thank my family for bearing with me as I could not give them their due during my tenure as vice president and before that during my election time.

Last but not the least, I thank the Almighty, without whose will nothing can work.

Thank you one and all and I hope that all of you will be my strength in the next one year and help me to take DOS to newer heights.

Long live DOS.

Pawan Goyal

President DOS

New Delhi, 03.10.2021